DrugFree Sites (Susan Nolan & Associates Ltd) provides workplace drug and alcohol policies and procedures, education for managers and staff, and NZQA training for testing services, to help you to:

  • Comply with Health & Safety at Work Act (2015)
  • Decrease your incidence of drug or alcohol impaired staff
  • Reduce your risk of staff injury and facilities damage


Policies and procedures: with Sue, draft or update your own robust and legally compliant policy and procedures to help achieve a 2020 compliant alcohol and drug free workplace. More about our Services.

Zoom remote learning NZQA Refresher Training Courses for US 25458 and 25511 are now available. Refresher training should be conducted every three years.


  • Training workshops and seminars for Managers and Staff
  • Self-paced alcohol and drug free workplace training for clients and individuals using our E-Learning Course

Upcoming Courses

NZQA courses for Urine Collection US 25458 & On-Site Drug Screening US 25511.

Classroom courses for new and refresher trainees. Click here to register interest.

  • Rotorua practical: Wednesday 6 October
  • Auckland Highbrook: Tuesday 27 September: postponed due to lockdown
  • New Plymouth: Wednesday 24 November
  • Wellington: Monday 4 October: postponed to Friday 29 October due to lockdown
  • Christchurch: Wednesday 3 November
  • Auckland Highbrook: Monday 8 November
  • Online ZOOM Refresher Courses for US 25458 and 25511

  • Tuesday 21 September
  • Wednesday 27 October
  • Monday 22 November
  • NZQA courses for Oral Fluid Collection US32327 & On-Site Drug Screening US32328. Classroom courses for new trainees.

  • Rotorua practical: Wednesday 6 October
  • Auckland: Wednesday 15 September: Postponed until post lockdown
  • New Plymouth: Thursday 25 November
  • Christchurch: Thursday 4 November
  • Auckland Highbrook: Friday 3 December
  • Sue Nolan: 40+ years experience as a forensic scientist & expert witness specialising in illicit drugs & toxicology. M.Sc Hons, Biochemistry, Post Grad. Dip. Business, NZQA Certificate in Adult Education & Training. Recognised as NZ’s leading expert in Workplace Drug Testing. Member of Australian/ New Zealand Standards committees for the Urine Standard, AS/NZS 4308: 2008 (will be updated 2022) and the Oral Fluid standard, AS/NZS 4760: 2019.

    Industry Sectors

    • Tourism and Hospitality
    • Construction
    • Energy & Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • Primary Producers; Dairy, Meat, Fishing, and Forestry
    • Ports
    • Local and National Government Bodies
    • Transport: Land, Air, and Sea
    • Defence
    • Corrections & Related Facilities

    Professional Associations

    • Director of IFDAT (International Forum for Drug & Alcohol Testing)
    • Advisor to EWDTS (European Workplace Drug Testing Society)
    • ANZFSS (Australia New Zealand Forensic Science Society)
    • TIAFT (The International Association of Forensic Toxicology)
    • FACTA (Forensic and Clinical Toxicology Association)
    • NZISM (New Zealand Institute of Safety Management)

    “I have no hesitation in recommending Sue as New Zealand’s expert in Drugs and Alcohol in the workplace. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

    Tony McCabe CFHRINZ
    Fulton Hogan, National Employment & Industrial Relations Manager


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