DrugFree Sites (Susan Nolan & Associates Ltd) provides workplace drug and alcohol policies and procedures, education for managers and staff, and NZQA training for testing services, to help you to:

  • Comply with Health & Safety at Work Act (2015)
  • Decrease your incidence of drug or alcohol impaired staff
  • Reduce your risk of staff injury and facilities damage


Policies and procedures: with Sue, draft or update your own robust and legally compliant policy and procedures to help achieve a 2023 compliant alcohol and drug free workplace. More about our Services.

Breaking News: Zoom remote learning NZQA Courses are now available for:

  • New Trainees to complete urine collection and drug screening: US 25458 and 25511
  • Refresher training for urine collection and drug screening: US 25458 and 25511. Refresher training should be conducted every three years.
  • New Trainees to complete oral fluid collection and drug screening: US 32327 and 32328


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  • Training workshops and seminars for Managers and Staff
  • Self-paced alcohol and drug free workplace training for clients and individuals using our E-Learning Course

Upcoming Courses

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NZQA courses for Urine Collection: US 25458 & Onsite Drug Screening: US 25511.

Classroom courses for new and refresher trainees: US 25458 and 25511.

  • Rotorua: Monday 25 March
  • Auckland: Tuesday 21 May
  • Dunedin: Tuesday 11 June
  • Wellington: Tuesday 23 July

Online ZOOM Courses for New Trainees: US 25458 and 25511

  • Monday 8 April
  • Thursday 16 May

Online ZOOM Refresher Courses: US 25458 and 25511

  • Tuesday 7 May
  • Saturday 16 May

NZQA courses for Oral Fluid Collection: US 32327 & Onsite Drug Screening: US 32328.

Classroom courses for new trainees: US 32327 and 32328

  • Rotorua: Tuesday 26 March
  • Auckland: Tuesday 14 May
  • Hastings: Thursday 23 May
  • Blenheim: Thursday 30 May
  • Wellington: Wednesday 24 July
  • Online ZOOM courses for new trainees: US 32327 and 32328

    • Thursday 9 May

    Online ZOOM Refresher Courses: US 32327 and 32328

    • Wednesday 20 March

    Sue Nolan: 40+ years experience as a forensic scientist & expert witness specialising in illicit drugs & toxicology. M.Sc Hons, Biochemistry, Post Grad. Dip. Business, NZQA Certificate in Adult Education & Training. Recognised as NZ’s leading expert in Workplace Drug Testing. Member of Australian/ New Zealand Standards committees for the Urine Standard, AS/NZS 4308:2008 (will be updated 2023) and the Oral Fluid standard, AS/NZS 4760:2019.

    Industry Sectors

    • Tourism and Hospitality
    • Construction
    • Energy & Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • Primary Producers; Dairy, Meat, Fishing, and Forestry
    • Ports
    • Local and National Government Bodies
    • Transport: Land, Air, and Sea
    • Defence
    • Corrections & Related Facilities

    Professional Associations

    • Director of IFDAT (International Forum for Drug & Alcohol Testing)
    • Advisor to EWDTS (European Workplace Drug Testing Society)
    • ANZFSS (Australia New Zealand Forensic Science Society)
    • TIAFT (The International Association of Forensic Toxicology)
    • FACTA (Forensic and Clinical Toxicology Association)
    • NZISM (New Zealand Institute of Safety Management)

    “I have no hesitation in recommending Sue as New Zealand’s expert in Drugs and Alcohol in the workplace. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

    Tony McCabe CFHRINZ
    Fulton Hogan, National Employment & Industrial Relations Manager


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