DrugFree Sites Store Merchant Compliance

DrugFree Sites trades as Susan Nolan and Associates Ltd NZ. Transactions will appear as Susan Nolan and Associates Ltd NZ.

The postal address of Susan Nolan and Associates Ltd NZ is P.O. Box 3541 Shortland Street, Auckland 1140, New Zealand.

Contact us by phone at + 64 21 877-606. Email us at sue@drugfreesites.co.nz or darrell@drugfreesites.co.nz.

DrugFree Sites sells E-Learning courses related to drug and alcohol policy and procedures for Managers and Staff. Courses are delivered digitally.

Susan Nolan and Associates Ltd NZ is a New Zealand-based business. All transactions are processed in New Zealand Dollars at the time of checkout. Access to our E-Learning Course will be available shortly afterward at the Course Login page.

Payments are processed by Payment Express / Windcave / DPS and these names might appear on your statement.

Customers should be advised that it is wise to keep a copy of all records pertaining to E-Learning purchases.

Your contact details will not be shared with other parties. Your contact details are collected for the purpose of fulfilling your order from our store. You can have your contact details removed by contacting us.

Refund Policy

This E-Learning module is the expression of expertise garnered over many years training leading Corporate organisations and Government bodies in New Zealand and Australia and international bodies at global conferences. The description of the course and its purpose are clearly laid out in the Terms and Conditions. We therefore would not expect to receive a request for a refund of the course fee, for the reason that it did not meet a Licensee’s expectation. That stated, we are open to any communication from a licensee who has completed the course.